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Peyton Manning lowkey looks like Tom Hanks

Twitter: @zaid_eilatan

RT @allegra_lab: @allegra_lab: Manning the booth for ALLEGRA - @felixgirke at Publishers Catering #EASA2014

Twitter: @felixgirke

Buddhist in America- Hassan Manning

Twitter: @DCaviglione

Alternate NFL: If Peyton Manning had stayed with the Colts.. #Colts #NFL

Twitter: @indy_Colts_News

New York Giants QB Eli Manning Has Lofty Goal of 70 For Completion Percentage.. #NYG #Giants #NFL

Twitter: @TRACK_Giants

RT @wikileaks: .@Amnesty calls for immediate release of Chesea Manning and the prosecution of those whose crimes were revealed…

Twitter: @RedGhostShell