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Manny Lawson on twitter
Think there should be alot of Manny Lawson this week, the dude can cover tight ends #Bills

Twitter: @ScottyDunleavy

I could have sworn that on Sunday I read that Manny Lawson was injured and required surgery. I must be going crazy.

Twitter: @SteveGalloNFL

@DennyFloorguy65 Right on. I hate it when former NC State players play against my teams, man. Case in point, Mario Williams & Manny Lawson.

Twitter: @GoLeahcim

RT @Buffalo_Sports: Manny Lawson had 2 big stops yesterday.. I really wish they'd find a way to use him more. Rotating him as a OLB/DE. Neeā€¦

Twitter: @EvryoneH8sChris

@PFF_Jeff @Eric_Branch he's terrible, Manny Lawson Jr.

Twitter: @Ju5tinNichols

@jkempfbills12 Manny Lawson needs to be used more. Not getting enough snaps, IMO

Twitter: @Buffalo_Sports