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Marcus Camby also won DPOY in Denver

Twitter: @WhateverFam

Amare Stoudemire so washed Kendrick need to remake Ronald Reagan Era and replace Marcus Camby with Stoudemire

Twitter: @DreDaDon_

@ethompson477 @mclovin032 he had AI one year. Kenyon Martin sucked, Marcus camby was garbage, Andre Miller was eh and JR Smith was bad.

Twitter: @cynduhquil

@DomIzDope man, I had no idea Marcus Camby and Eric dampier were apart of it lol or ilgauskus* legendary.

Twitter: @CuttyMacc2Cs

@clutchfans @Rock_Piece Marcus Camby ? 😁 Black looked good imo, he's not Asik for sure but there's a 14M$ /yr salary gap between them

Twitter: @m1k978

Did Marcus Camby teach Kaman the high-low lob to LaMarcus? lol

Twitter: @Shoelander