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I can live for two months on a good compliment. ― Mark Twain

Twitter: @no1skylinefan

The secret to getting ahead is getting started. Mark Twain

Twitter: @WingTsun_AZ

"“Whiskey is for drinkin’, water is for fightin’.” She frowned. “Mark Twain,” he said."

Twitter: @Ofo_Li

RT @ABookBestQuotes: “Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody” - Mark Twain.

Twitter: @IMonsterV2

In the first place, God made idiots; this was for practice; then he made school boards. -- Mark Twain

Twitter: @Angstraub

In Paris they simply stared when I spoke to them in French; I never did succeed in making those idiots understand their language.-Mark Twain

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