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Mark Davis on twitter
Mark Davis says Raiders are trying to get something done in Oakland #sandiego

Twitter: @sandiegoca_agen

@bigo206509 @dalton_ferrell goofy guys for sure. I do think both are doing good job. Mark Davis is definitely smarter than people realize

Twitter: @valrich79

@dalton_ferrell @bigo206509 Mark Davis just looks likes one of those dudes that spends half the year in Thailand & Phillipines- playing King

Twitter: @valrich79

@bigo206509 @dalton_ferrell if I'm Mark Davis, JDR, & Reggie I'm at Suh's door at midnight let Raleigh fax offer top $ deals 2Hudson & Cobb

Twitter: @valrich79

#GIVEAWAY: Win the DVD "My Little Pony: Adventures Of The Cutie Mark Crusaders" (Ends 3/6) @mamasmoney

Twitter: @Danalee_Davis

RT @R8ERS65: Alameda County & Mark Davis, Lets get together and finally finish this deal for the new OAKLAND RAIDERS STADIUM!!…

Twitter: @thatguynate93

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