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Mark Friedman on twitter
RT @famousquotenet: Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself. - Milton Friedman

Twitter: @Dr_Mark_Strom

Absolutely! @TedLempert and Mark Friedman: Districts should make early ed a priority in #LCFF accountability plans

Twitter: @EarlyEdgeCA

RT @CommonGoodVT: We are turning the curve at Mark Friedman's Results-Based Accountability 101 for #npvt. Do you RBA?

Twitter: @RBAtweets

"Any kind of question mark about the election process is a problem", says Prof. Friedman referring to the Tlokwe situation.

Twitter: @dncwang

RT @wapiradio: Dixon and Spud: Richard Dixon and Mark "Spud" Friedman talk about Passover, the shooting at the Jewish Communi... http://t.c…

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Today I Learned 04/14: Richard Dixon and Mark "Spud" Friedman tell you what they learned today.

Twitter: @wapiradio