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Today I Learned 3/30: Mark "Spud" Friedman fills in for Richard Dixon and tells you what he's learned today.

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RT @BoredElonMusk: News app that lets you mark articles to be shown to you 1 year later to see how right or spectacularly wrong they ended …

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Milton Friedman: Main handicap to minorities? The governmental measures enacted in the name of helping minorities

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Premier of The Visit. Big thanks to Mark Friedman for the hook-up! (@ Lyceum Theatre in New York, NY)

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#_[[Seth SAKAI]] -- Buddhist Monk # «'Peark Harbor'» #_[[Steven Mark FRIEDMAN]] -- Ted # «'SullivanCHR$(39)s Last Call'»

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Check out Pilgrim Silver Plate Bowl Trade Mark Of Friedman Silver Co Inc 1908-1960 via @eBay

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