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Matt Leinart on twitter
@Vincemarotta one direction is the worst thing to grace university of phoenix stadium since Matt leinart

Twitter: @Royally_Anmeic

@RJ_Young @KSTiLLS @mikeangeli88 My fantasy equivalent would probably be Matt Leinart. Probably shouldn't start me.

Twitter: @RonTaylor58

RT @celebrityhottub: "What if my dick falls out of my football pants? I don't have to leave the game, do I?" - Matt Leinart, somehow attend…

Twitter: @LeezySixFifteen

Former #USC star Matt Leinart, in a TV ad, longs for his college days - Oh, glory days.Based on his... #HeathShuler

Twitter: @TehLATimes

@hancxck I still want to fight him in a public place for that "Trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinart" line.

Twitter: @firedsidechat

RT @iTripCripples: "Trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinart" is GOAT RT @KhariPressley: CyHi's 'So Appalled' verse is grossly overrated...

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