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Spring break in Miami. 🌴

Twitter: @EzraPatton96

@IamJudahPriest @Smifnwessun @TekSmokeeLah @SeanPrice park in Miami. It's bland here. We need entertainment. Speak to the youth out here.

Twitter: @FulaniYiraX

RT @danieltosh: dear @mickyarison, please buy the miami dolphins and put pat riley in charge.

Twitter: @brandenr_

RT @aadelsonESPN: New Miami QB Vincent Testaverde. Covered his dad with the Jets -- the resemblance is striking!

Twitter: @ZachyWilkins

Now ima go ride a bike cause it's Tuesday! #Citibike #Miami @ W South Beach

Twitter: @iknothesecret

@UtahFinsFan yep back to the Miami dolphin ways when we had great dlines with guys like JT, Ogunleye, Tim Bowens

Twitter: @imgoingreene