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♫ Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing - by Michael Bolton & Sam Bailey #bbc #radio2 #np

Twitter: @NowOnRadio2

Our Dutch #FieldManagement team treated our #contracting consultants to a fun event in #Kameryck, Netherlands

Twitter: @mbaileyaus

“@PopShakespeare: michael jackson's performance was legendary” @paigewalker__ 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

Twitter: @bailey_alston

@baileyyantonio @michaelarauza11 @HarryCFC_ Michael, Bailey, forgive me. 🙏

Twitter: @burkeaustin12

@michaelarauza11 @baileyyantonio @HarryCFC_ bailey is supposed to be taking orders Michael, not receiving Chinese liquid remedies 😑

Twitter: @burkeaustin12

@michaelarauza11 @baileyyantonio @HarryCFC_ and bailey, I want a caramel frappe, Michael what do u want?

Twitter: @burkeaustin12