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Anyone else remember speaking gibberish all of our middle school days? 😂😂 @DaViD_MiChAeL__ @Marlee_Jean #Bailey #Jen

Twitter: @KayleeBuggx3

goodnight i love el erin holly hollie courtney bailey melike, and michael clifford ! hope he follows me 💟💦

Twitter: @satanmgc

Chip snag michael sam nd champ bailey nd call it a day haaah!

Twitter: @Jimsta_Slice

Michael Sam should've waited a few years to tell everyone he sucks dick, there's probably a chance he'd be starting if he did

Twitter: @Bailey_Andrew31

In 1997 Nike decided Michael Johnson was the worlds fastest man... but Donovan Bailey fixed his wagon for him

Twitter: @DinkMagic

RT @anneakikomeyers: Full review of #TheAmericanMasters in @allaboutjazz by @cmichaelbailey:

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