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Michael Bird on twitter
|<•>| @DistantStarr Exhibits A&B- Michael's money ribs and Ira's dirty bird

Twitter: @Nerd_Church

Bouffant Scrub Hat with ties - Michael Miller Fabric Scrub Hat - Pretty Bird Olive Bouffant Scrub H… #Etsy #ScrubHat

Twitter: @Uniscrubcaps

Michael looked like flappy bird 2 years ago and I literally cannot stop laughing

Twitter: @jmcelhaney_

@Sgonzo88 / Evangelical Theology by Michael F. Bird

Twitter: @DerwinLGray

Michael Oliver has never fingered a bird. Simple. #ShitBag #CrapBarnet

Twitter: @leverben

RT @dukeofmuke: The fact that Michael has an "x" on his middle finger makes every bird he flips a million times more attractive

Twitter: @imnotcalmatall