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Photobomb win! “@Interior: A bird posing for your photo mid flight. Photo @GlacierBayNPS by Michael Hogan.”

Twitter: @erossin48

Slow roasting yard bird on the spit rotisserie - this is gonna be so good for an early Sunday supper

Twitter: @CNMhost_michael

@SAFCsource @_Michael_Bird_ Maybe they 'stepped aside' like with Rodwell and Remy...

Twitter: @d_pallace

@_Michael_Bird_ I guess we'll see!

Twitter: @SAFCsource

@SAFCsource interesting as one place i saw this morning said he was signing for tha toon

Twitter: @_Michael_Bird_

“@PatBaals: Yellow bird by PL is a masterpiece”the Michael Menert remix is pretty tight to my dude

Twitter: @sallanzelotte17