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So who's down to start watching the Ohio state Michigan game and start drinking Noon Saturday #RivalryGame

Twitter: @AllelyNicholas

@coachryan82 @_WillRubin You think Michigan students would not show up if the Ohio State game was in Ann Arbor this year? No way.

Twitter: @JakeZivin

RT @ESPNCFB: It must be Michigan-Ohio State week. OSU is boycotting the letter 'M' on campus. (h/t @RogerTerry)

Twitter: @5hw4n

#OSU Ohio State football: Tyvis Powell still smiling over interception against Michigan

Twitter: @LarryM422

Nothing would make me happier than for Michigan to beat Ohio State.

Twitter: @ConnorStick5

Meyer's message: OSU better behave vs. U-M via @espncfb

Twitter: @ZKatabi