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Mike Bibby on twitter
RT @back2breakbacks: You used to be a king but now you just Mike Bibby

Twitter: @SevdaimArifi

Ray is going to be the starting pg in a year or two...too much potential. Looks like a young Mike Bibby but taller.

Twitter: @jerrybskinny

RT @BLACKENESE_: When lil Bibby said "I kill a Bitch and kill her kids it all depends what her nigga did"

Twitter: @Mike_whoelse

@starghill gave it to her twice. Now she wonna free Mike Bibby. In my dreams huh @IGGYAZALEA??😪💤💤

Twitter: @DSTARNOW

She wonna free Mike Bibby. . . NOT GON BE ABLE TO DO IT! @starghill @stephenasmith @IGGYAZALEA #lyrics #catchphrase 😆

Twitter: @DSTARNOW

RT @Phantele_: @mcbobtrapgod Adelman tried to turn him into a player he wasn't. Rick wanted Mike Bibby. Ricky is more Jason Kidd

Twitter: @JohnEPalm