Topic: Mike Martz
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Mike Martz on twitter
@kurt13warner Did Mike Martz almost ruin your career by benching u? I say yes, but ur will, talent and determination brought u back.

Twitter: @dchildonline

@ChicagoBearJew @FantasyAlarmCom its Kellen "Stone Hands" Davis.. Mike Martz's brilliant replacement to Greg Olsen #Sarcasm

Twitter: @Ditka2ATX

@JasonRomano chip kelly just compared himself to mike Martz - Marty shottheimer and numerous great offensive coordinators

Twitter: @ramfan60

At least Mike Martz has a ring D'Antoni never made it to the NBA Finals... No hate just facts...

Twitter: @thedraftreview

@fbgchase Very nearly did it a second time, because Mike Martz.

Twitter: @AdamHarstad

Has there ever been a coach that iced a kicker on an extra point attempt? Seems like a Mike Martz, Marty Mornhinweg move tbh

Twitter: @SaltySurPirr