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Mike Martz on twitter
“@Brooke56_56: With out the rain the sunshine in not the same -mike stud” you're an idiot. -Janelle Martz

Twitter: @martzxjanelle

@MattBowen41 Mike Martz disagrees with your logic.

Twitter: @MidwayBearsBlog

@michael_bodey Mike Martz from the can drive us to the game😎😂

Twitter: @MattMedina251

@TurfShowTimes @stevenspaid because Schotty is an elite OC. Move over Mike Martz, Schotty is taking you to school.

Twitter: @jaysins

@JonesOnTheNBA Dantoni is like mike Martz. Shoulda hired Snyder. Same principles, better with people, spurs pedigree.

Twitter: @iggypop120

The Rams should bring back Mike Martz #greatestshowonturf

Twitter: @EricRuehl

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