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My god! That's Mike Martz's music!

Twitter: @jayrigdon5

I once chased Mike Martz out of town, pitchfork in hand. Rooting around in the closet looking for that old pitchfork...

Twitter: @ExileArin

while we're at it call Mike Martz

Twitter: @iampaintmonster

#Bears showing #Rams how to break big openfield gains in the dome (with backup TEs and RBs). Mike Martz must be proud. 24-10 with momentum.

Twitter: @BeaterBlog

RT @Ben_WGEM: Mike Martz the honorary offensive coordinator today? #Rams #stlrams

Twitter: @conry_d

@nwagoner Did Mike Martz F Triplette's wife in like 2005?

Twitter: @InputForJohnny5