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Mike Martz on twitter
We had to bring out the Mike Martz for this one. #Rams Addiction Podcast, Episode #81: "We fixed that." Listen here:

Twitter: @RamsAddiction

@emptynetters Is the ice as bad as it looks? It's like expecting the Mike Martz Rams to play at Heinz field in December

Twitter: @MADs_World

Mike Martz's 2000 St Louis Rams Offensive Playbook:

Twitter: @JamesALight

@aotheprince93 @Billydsega remembr idiot bear fans were complaining about mike martz?? Id kill for that offense..#nfcchampionship then fired

Twitter: @rynice40

@SportsSturm Mike Martz starter kit

Twitter: @MHombreSports

Will Mel Tucker go down as a bigger disaster as DC than Mike Martz was as OC? #chicago

Twitter: @chicago__agen

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