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RT @SpaceIbizaNY: Wise words from a man we all love... @Carl_Cox Retweet if you agree! #EDM

Twitter: @mike_krav

RT @HistoryInPics: Robert Downey Jr. and Mike Tyson

Twitter: @Wise_Lizard

@kvaldron mike is wise #takehisadvice

Twitter: @chelseahamre

@countonmike_ @Fredo_400 Album wise I agree Mike. I think So Far Gone was my favorite Drake production. Also, Fred 808s is my favorite Ye.

Twitter: @SuperTeamKid

RT @WORIDSTARHlPHOP: Wise words from Chief Keef

Twitter: @Mike_G697

@ColitisNinja it's actually one of the best options food wise for me. I know everyone's #colitis & #crohns is diff. Keep fighting

Twitter: @Mike_Brown215

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Dan Brown, $5.22
Travel Team
Mike Lupica, $4.00
Specimen Days
Michael Cunningham, $1.00