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RT @ShaunKing: Wow. Darren Wilson, in his interview tonight is STILL lying and saying he chased Mike Brown 30-40 feet. Even McCulloch said …

Twitter: @Wise_Diva

@what_the_HELF You are wise.

Twitter: @mike_hricik

RT @JayChillinBro: "Darren Wilson never stood over Mike Brown's body" - Bob McCullough

Twitter: @Alec_Wise

RT @sonrisadelcampo: Wise words from @mike_peto On transitioning an entire dept. towards CI/TPRS #langchat #tprs

Twitter: @snesbitt1972

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Mike Brown's Mom UN Trip Hurt By Felony Charges

Twitter: @Wise_Cracker_

Bout the most unselfish bunch I've seen in all my years. Wow I'm impressed. These kids are wise beyond their years.

Twitter: @mcquinn_mike

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Dan Brown, $2.20
Specimen Days
Michael Cunningham, $0.84
The Front
Patricia Cornwell, $0.01