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RT @SherwoodStrauss: That Mike Miller amnesty is looking like the epitome of, "Penny wise, pound foolish"

Twitter: @DavidScott19

@Mike_Claudio haha I think that's a wise decision👌👌

Twitter: @StephySays_

@Hold_My_Disnick that's just an opinion though. Just like yours and mine. And Kobe is the closest thing to mike offensively skill wise.

Twitter: @ughjawsh

Had a good talk with wise man mike here's a pic of him from a while ago

Twitter: @happy_high_five

"Don't Be Afraid To Fail. Be Afraid Not To Try" #QOTD #WiseWords

Twitter: @QualStaff_Mike

RT @mikeshouhed: Just because, it's Monday and I want to share Mike's wise words 2 start your week off right! Pay it forward and... http://…

Twitter: @WitchyKitty77

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