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@JaimsVanDerBeek I disliked her look before, I'm just more surprised at how different her face seems, shape wise. Bones must've been shaved!

Twitter: @Mike_W_Simpson

My LRT read 🙌 true words spoken from a wise man 💯

Twitter: @Trey_ball_mike

@iluvulotz54 me too! Well mine are Wise's Sour Cream & Cheddar.

Twitter: @mike_cahill

@Gorgonzola44 not ripping them Mike. Just talent wise other than bullpen the whole thing has been heart to me. Its cool, just thk SF wins

Twitter: @Shapperdacapper

Pence made wise decision on preschool grant - Indianapolis Star - #preschool - #preschool

Twitter: @preschoolnews

#PLLHalloween I think mike is fake A cause he loved mona and he wants to get revenge on the person who killed her. Other wise idl

Twitter: @roe1789

Mike Wise Books
Specimen Days
Michael Cunningham, $0.94
The Front
Patricia Cornwell, $0.01