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Mike Lamb on twitter
RT @asrbear_patriot: As our #WorthlessLeader golfs @BarackObama @LeahR77 @mike_gigas @MadMachX @JanMorganMedia @Mike…

Twitter: @MadMachX

@American_MIKE_ @kenny_951 @Guccisorous_Rex I think theres something wrong with that 😳 shouldn't have eaten that pineapple and lamb haha 😁😂

Twitter: @angel_montijo

@Brandon_Warne I really should sit down and write out a list. Another guy that comes to mind: Mike Lamb. Woof!

Twitter: @dose17

RT @PanteaoVideos: Mike Lamb talks about the Robar built SR21 rifle in 375 RUM

Twitter: @Diffelman

Mike Lamb from stoicventures discussing some rifle fundamentals with the usnightvision and…

Twitter: @TheIGMilitia

RT @FunnyPicsDepot: This nigga look like he been tracking down Mike vick all his life and finally found him

Twitter: @jesse_the_lamb