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Mike Lamb on twitter
So it turns out that the guy i chased was mike lamb. Now I've decided to join him in ding dong ditching my own house LOLOLOL

Twitter: @allstate24

Mike and Mike would advertise lamb skin rubbers if someone offered them enough dough. Have some standards. #keepgettinthemchecks

Twitter: @S_A_K_1

@finebaum whatever happened to uf writer David Lamb - he used to be on Paul's show in the past?

Twitter: @mike_purser

#homecooking from scratch split pea and ham AND lamb stew. Busy afternoon

Twitter: @Mike_in_chwk

@mike_neylan @ChefIvanFlowers haven't tried them on lamb. But I will now!

Twitter: @GeorgiaPecans

@ChefIvanFlowers @GeorgiaPecans they are good on rackof lamb with some stone ground dijon to make then stick!

Twitter: @mike_neylan