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RT @TeaPartyCat: New York City considering $15 minimum wage, but don't worry, the law won't apply to hookers for Wall Street tycoons.

Twitter: @SeeEvener

RT @SamanthaCartel: You can't have a Million Dollar dream with a Minimum Wage Work Ethic 🙌💯

Twitter: @SevenTrayz

RT @ChrisJZullo: Raising the minimum wage would benefit 1.7 million florida workers. #Florida supports @CharlieCrist for #FLGov…

Twitter: @teachableme

Oh and I'm so happy I barely made minimum wage tonight. @ServingyouProbz

Twitter: @kaylastank

It's ridiculous how competitive minimum wage entry level jobs are. Who will give me a job? Who will pay for my concert tickets?

Twitter: @LuxanaRamesh

RT @Ziggy_Daddy: [VIDEO] #GOP Congressman Can’t Quite Explain The Problem With Raising #MinimumWage

Twitter: @walteredwards2

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