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RT @or4EvaHldUrPce: I swear it's always the ppl with the most minimum wage ass jobs talkin bout "Money over everything!" "money this, money…

Twitter: @pbarsway

the key to making money without having to work a shitty minimum wage job - invest, invest, invest

Twitter: @DigginSally

RT @ladylyn54: Food prices up by 30.5% in 5yrs. National Minimum Wage up just 12.1% in same period #InActualFact

Twitter: @wildwalkerwoman

RT @BarackObama: States are picking up the pace of increasing the minimum wage while Congress sits on the sidelines.

Twitter: @Dickey4MS

Schenectady @dgazette says NY should let cities & counties raise the minimum wage #RaiseUpNY #RaiseTheWage

Twitter: @mkink

RT @BriannaWhitmer: @sammillzz remember that one time you told Kayla you'd pay her minimum wage too hang out you q

Twitter: @sammillzz

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