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I never worried about minimum-wage paying job there's plenty of them out there.

Twitter: @reallytimmy

I'm not going to college to make barely more than someone that makes minimum wage.

Twitter: @DWLuttrell

I think minimum wage is around 12 bucks though, so shouldn't be too bad

Twitter: @JetGrindFuture

If I had unlimited money I would have so much crap I don't need. Thank god for minimum wage.

Twitter: @tashachante

@giajamesxxx that's how I reason. Even at brothel rates $240 an hour is half a minimum wage a dude is spending on you even if you get half

Twitter: @teacuptempest

Photo: cookiemonstahz: adventuresinlearning: and we are still fighting over minimum wage And america tries...

Twitter: @ToxicityOfACity