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Minnie Mouse on twitter
RT @DlSNEYQUOTE: "My one true love. I'll find him someday. He's out there. I just know it." – Minnie Mouse

Twitter: @wa_tmmark

Minnie mouse is the default girl costume

Twitter: @TheLightKnight_

Gucci down to the socks like I'm Minnie Mouse BABYYYYYYYYYYYY

Twitter: @PoetessUnique

Mommy & daughter pic in front of the minnie mouse in afternoon before the Halloween not so scary party Sofia was ...

Twitter: @belle081510

why is ken mickey mouse he should be minnie!!!!

Twitter: @shigelatier_

RT @disneylandwrlds: Don't worry, Minnie. You're all the music I'll ever need. –Mickey Mouse

Twitter: @hrblock_21