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@bauce_man82 @JimmySpencerNBA what does Mitch Richmond know?! Lmao. He knows everyone in the crowd and knows they're from east bay?

Twitter: @Gholgado87

@Gholgado87 @JimmySpencerNBA Ive talked in person with Mitch Richmond about it. He knows

Twitter: @bauce_man82

@misterjpmanahan @tjmanotoc @chinoyhoopsfan Tim Hardaway -- Mitch Richmond -- Chris Mullin :)

Twitter: @hoopnut

Emerald Klay Thompson , gold Mitch Richmond or gold chris Mullen ??

Twitter: @EaglesMUT25

RT @NbaOldies: Little Steph Curry chillin courtside with dad Dell Curry, Mitch Richmond, Drazen Petrovic, and Don Nelson #NbaHistory http:/…

Twitter: @DaleCooperFIB

69 days until NCAA title tilt. @kstatesports' Mitch Richmond ranks No. 69 among top tourney players. @KellisRobinett

Twitter: @CollegeHoopedia