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I liked a @YouTube video from @davidpakmanshow Mitt Romney Epic Bitter Rant About Obama

Twitter: @AKissFromDaddy

As far as I'm concerned the black guy in the mitt Romney mask wins tonight. Happy Halloween I hate you all.

Twitter: @JasonHensel

RT @KennettDems: I believe that would be the Koch Brothers, Mitt Romney and Bill O'Reilly, for starters

Twitter: @DanCas2

RT @JesusWife: I kinda wish Romney would run for president again, just so I could point out how VOTE MITT looks like VOMIT.

Twitter: @lawrenceangbk

RT @EqualityWorld: "@Magdalena0113: Mitt Romney 2052 #DemocratHorrorMovies" #UniteBlue #p2 #p2b #LibCrib #lgbt #blac…

Twitter: @fressoy

Mitt Romney Gone take away weave if he become President, hoes gone be walkin around looking like Lil Bill & Calliou...

Twitter: @boimilmaycy