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@spitfountain and the underlying message of Her disdain for Mitt Romney's plan of Border walling is so critical and perfect.

Twitter: @reedmacdiddly

@jessiekaiser *screams while waving hands thru air in disgust* MINE MATCHES MITT ROMNEY.

Twitter: @darling_liz

Mitt Romney Took The Ice Bucket Challenge And It's The Most Mitt Romney Thing Ever

Twitter: @EveGilmer

"#America will care for the poor and the sick, will #honor & respect the #elderly, & will give a helping hand to those in need" Mitt Romney

Twitter: @WeWantMitt2016

RT @ArcticFox2016: Debunking the myth of the conservative boycott of Mitt Romney

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"(let's have a) united #America & uphold the rights that were endowed by our #Creator & codified in our #Constitution. Mitt Romney in 2012

Twitter: @WeWantMitt2016