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A creature in Miyagi prefecture likes dirty attitude and stories.

Twitter: @augenstrom

The train stopped at Miyagi Prefecture. The taller lad calmly walks out from the train. Suddenly he feels a strange feeling.-- @bestdecoy_xo

Twitter: @crowking_xo

@crowking_xo [and, the train arrived at Miyagi Prefecture again. Hinata jumped down from his seat, glancing a bit to the taller lad -

Twitter: @bestdecoy_xo

Matsushima, in Miyagi Prefecture, is counted among the three most beautiful sights in #Japan.

Twitter: @GrupoKampai

“@geomando: @SEACityLight @SFWater How they do it in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan #Manhole” #drainspotting

Twitter: @jenlpaso