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Moffett Field on twitter
Aviation Employment Aircraft Mechanic - Air National Guard Units (Title 32) - Moffett...

Twitter: @AircraftJobs

#SanJoseJobs #BayAreaJobs #jobs Architect with PaaS and Java - Next Generation Technologies - Moffett Field, CA...

Twitter: @SanJoseJobRoll

Got buzzed by a blackhawk on 101 Northbound tonight. Was not the Air Guard's hawks out of moffett field, know...

Twitter: @N2RAG

Sunnyvale is buzzing overhead. Sounds like Moffett Field is having MC-130Ps take off.

Twitter: @DavidERod

I'm at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, CA

Twitter: @caramccee

Google subsidiary wins NASA lease to overhaul Moffett Field

Twitter: @j83zjvkey30

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