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@lindsaydemeola come to the Bay Area and visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It's really nice there

Twitter: @GilinskayeIsBae

@lindsaydemeola Monterey bay aquarium is literally perfect for that

Twitter: @Valiance

@djohnsonjr did you do Monterey Bay aquarium? $130 for my family seems high…

Twitter: @timtyrrell

@XOSarinaJay dude do u member how like 30 of us got into the Monterey bay aquarium free?!😂😭😂😭

Twitter: @huerta22luvpink

Beach day turned Monterey Bay Aquarium day LOL

Twitter: @anniemalx3

Pretty positive this is the Finding Nemo crew I seen at the Monterey Bay aquarium haha! I only know…

Twitter: @GodsGift_93