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Mr. Spock on twitter
@utterflea "Carry on Mr. Spock"

Twitter: @bollywig

Hello, mr.spock 😂 ★ Star Trek Into Darkness (with @yudhaemie) —

Twitter: @emieyudha

mr.spock handsome siot. co-capten, mr sulu handsome jugak haha 😁

Twitter: @ndhrx_

Shall i destroy you, Mr. Spock?

Twitter: @ajmdaz

Thought crosses my mind that I can now introduce Swy to people as "She who is my wife". You know, like Mr Spock's Dad.

Twitter: @thejimsmith

@JuCollins Sooo, that's where Mr Spock's retired to is it? I often wondered!

Twitter: @GlassboyBob

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