Topic: NFC Championship Game
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NFC Championship Game on twitter
@ssmtreviews :) A great attitude. Nothing to be ashamed of in that game. And after the all-time great NFC Championship---an amazing year.

Twitter: @jonhumbert

@Pierre_Thomas always remember that NFC championship game when they thought u were going down & u would spin or thrust forward for dat 1st

Twitter: @dfhammill

@Giants360 He will always be known for forcing that fumble in NFC Championship game vs 49ers.Thanks Jaquan.

Twitter: @stephenn80

‘I Jumped Up, Reached for the Ball … and My Life Changed Forever’ |... - via @theMMQB

Twitter: @2emmyz

@Pierre_Thomas was a beast in the 2010 NFC Championship game. Forever a Saint. #WhoDat

Twitter: @TullosTime15

I'm get home and watch the 2004 Nfc championship game. That will cheer me up

Twitter: @rob_aden