Topic: NFC Championship Game
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NFC Championship Game on twitter
@UncleGusNyc @cloud9fresh wouldn't be shocked that one of these years to come its a NFC Championship game matchup.

Twitter: @TheBrooklynLife

@ConanOGrindin are our twitter convos not enough for you now? Do you remember the NFC championship game and honey buns?

Twitter: @audelo_m

If anyone wants to stab themselves in the eyes tonight you can watch the #Vikings 2000 NFC Championship game on

Twitter: @Str8_Cash_Homey

Me and @LaineParise are watching the NFC Championship game because we miss football #Seahawks­čĆł

Twitter: @dhollywood5

@DeSimone_80 SF went to NFC Championship game with 2 rookie starters on O line and Snyder at RG. Love Boone but think Looney can do job.

Twitter: @seanobl

@Asalah8877 & Who The Hell Is That? Roman Harper's Sorry Ass? The Man Who Vernon Davis Made Look Stupid In The NFC Championship Game (1/2)

Twitter: @MrPTown49