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NFC Championship Game on twitter
the most exciting he’s witnessed since watching the San Francisco 49ers make it to the NFC Championship Game all the way back in 2013

Twitter: @odjvikmsdklm

@pamnonga she needs to do her homework. That's the same silly question she asked Richard Sherman in the NFC Championship game

Twitter: @bube25real

#KCRoyals not sending Gordon = Vikings taking a knee to run out clock at halftime in NFC championship game. Self-dest! Restless nights ahead

Twitter: @MateoTorgy

@ArrowheadPride @NinersNation That's how we felt after the NFC championship game VS the Giants #sfunite

Twitter: @youngmannyp

@lizroscher @chrismchaines @Hegelbon '11 NLDS Game 5 was right up there with '02 NFC Championship game for worst sports moments ever.

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RT @RonnDogg74: @ErinAndrews that interview with @JoePanik seemed to go a little smoother than the post NFC championship game interview wit…

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