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@BHOOLZ Yes please!!! guy has already been to the super bowl and NFC championship game and he's not washed up like most of the fa qbs we get

Twitter: @schlabacheric22

@FieldGulls How Kelly Jennings would've looked trying to defend Crabtree on the tipped INT in NFC Championship Game

Twitter: @natetepp

@ladykincade we will next season on the NFC Championship game they limit the tickets that we can go cheaters were afraid

Twitter: @Adriana49501503

@SeifertESPN how about a former NFL coach for the Purple taking a knee at a pivotal point in a past NFC championship game. #stillhurts

Twitter: @OldManNickel

@Seahawks Dont you still love how every article about the @49ers ends with "ended in a NFC Championship Game loss to division rival Seattle"

Twitter: @Ben_Leopold

@BeauregardJones @ChrisVernonShow @HydeParkSwag Seahawks did the same during the NFC championship game to keep out 49er fans. Didn't work

Twitter: @KennethChilders