Topic: NFC Championship Game
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NFC Championship Game on twitter
@michaelirvin88 @LouisWayne91 I also remember him wearing a 49ers hat before the 1993 NFC Championship game. Explain that.

Twitter: @guida_jim

@OVO_Khalifa Smh the loss was worse but we lost to a team that was one NFC championship game last year 😁

Twitter: @Real_Mr_Stats

Lovies facial expressions tonight are identical to when Bears win nfc championship game. The guy has zero emotions

Twitter: @andremercurio

@TBBuccaneers fans it could be worse. At least its not the NFC champgame. Giants 41 Vikings 0 at halftime in the 2000 NFC championship game

Twitter: @JuicyJ1027

Best catch I've seen by @juliojones_11. Even better than the NFC Championship Game a couple years ago.

Twitter: @chasealbertson

RT @SonariwoOnDeck: @SeauxAfrican we would have win that NFC championship game

Twitter: @SeauxAfrican

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