Topic: NFC Championship Game
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NFC Championship Game on twitter
@The_bear31 @SIMMamon_bun @DIMEnna_ @DirtyMike036 youll be the first one on that banwagon though once the nfc championship game rolls around

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@LesBowen besides the eagles losing to the Tampa Bay in the NFC championship game the carter home run haunts my dreams

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@SportsCenter how people are just now realizing this is beyond me. When he went out in that NFC championship game was it for me.

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@PhilMackey @1500ESPNJudd One thing on this topic is this. Nationally before the NFC Championship game, the Saints were favored to win

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49ers Fans Watch The NFC Championship - 49er Fans React - Niners Lose The Game 2014

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@PhilMackey A 40-year-old quarterback at the tail end of his career took us to our 1st NFC Championship game in 9 years. And you feel burnt?

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