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NGOs on twitter
RT @George_Ruzv: There are NGOs that "pay" protesters for demostrating/picketing for a cause. They call it daily allowance or some flowery …

Twitter: @thabangmmutlane

Canada's New Environment Commissioner, Julie Gelfand, Tied to Mining Industry and NGOs

Twitter: @jaidzz

U.S. Jewish NGO's get 97% of Homeland Security's defense grants ...

Twitter: @Kike_Striker

RT @eqljustice: #StopMarriageBill so when world knows 498A is misused&is AntiHindu NGOs/Media start backing #IRBM ,biggst blow2 HinduMarria…

Twitter: @struggle4_truth

It's events like this which make ppl sceptical of NGOs.Save the Children give ‘global legacy’ award to Tony Blair

Twitter: @GillKenne

RT @StollmeyerEU: #Norway govt pension fund’s investments in #coal much larger than acknowledged #EU2030 #climate #…

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