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@A_AlKhoori in cases where they can't receive aid from NGOs I don't know, those are probably the worst. In Leb & Jordan too many simply beg

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RT @IndieJenFischer: Want to #serve w/your kids but not sure how? @Pennies_Of_Time on how "get in the door" at NGOs

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RT @DiverseGreen: In mainstream #environment NGOs surveyed, #peopleofcolor = 12.4 % of staff. See new report: #POC …

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NGOs have called for trade sanctions against Icelandic companies linked to Iceland’s Hvalur Group. #StopIcelandicWhaling

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RT @manateespirit: #Commoncore summary. Yes, we have had standards. BUT. They were never copyrighted to private NGOs. Big difference. #stop…

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Have your say on capacity building for #health NGOs: #community

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