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RT @portlandia: Have you been saying to ladies on the street, "Are you a doctor?" Just so that there’s not a feeling that only men can be d…

Twitter: @heartshapedhat

RT @maydayxstyles: this will never not be funny

Twitter: @phuckingbeau

“@xlydss_: @HotGirlBee_ what im doing then ?” IM NOT TELLING YOU.. since you ain't telling me😊

Twitter: @HotGirlBee_

RT @TweetsofOld: The man who prefers a quiet life does not want a seismograph that records trouble 3,000 miles away. OK1916

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Im not sleepy yet 😌

Twitter: @AmourSierraaa

RT @KylieMulgrew: So ready for warm weather it's not even funny

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