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NOT on twitter
Hoping that's not what I think it is 😢

Twitter: @sarrasuxx

RT @IniAnwarHadi: That feel when you want to be productive but you can't because it's not even noon yet.

Twitter: @AwkwardDragons

When someone calls you crazy and you know you are but you say "no I'm not" instead 🙃😊

Twitter: @_kaaylynn

@Cursed_Wolf << rushed to stand in front of Joey and get between him and this man- He's not hurting anyone! You don't have to do this! >>

Twitter: @TooIndecisive

@WaltaThomas7 @GooNi3izzy he was trying to break it up, not jump you. This drama every freaking day is ridiculous.

Twitter: @smirizarry

RT @gauravcsawant: Pak sponsored Terror kills us everyday. Playing cricket wont not improve ties. Pak cracking down on jihadis will https:/…

Twitter: @punk_jain