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RT @latsondheimer: Sorry, USC fans, that was not a dream last night. You lost, you got beat pretty bad. This is a UCLA town _ for at least …

Twitter: @SandyCiccarella

RT @hunger_ggames: "I won’t die. I promise. If you promise not to go." - Peeta Mellark

Twitter: @geespooner

RT @ElijahhClark: I watched your snapchat story to get rid of the little notification, not because I'm interested in your life.

Twitter: @Iostanxiety

I've discovered 66 people who are not following me back #manageflitter

Twitter: @gentleman771

RT @realjoeswash: Just so you know that was not my willy! My willy is slightly bigger! @thewhitmore nicked my phone and tweeted xxx

Twitter: @JackieSwash

That is not very versace of you #milan #galleriamilan @ Milan, Italy

Twitter: @rsmsrndl

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