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If I kiss him, he will turn to be my prince! Or not... #yufuin #japan#animal #pet #trip #travel…

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RT @HalifaxEditor: I appreciate the desire to share info from Ottawa but maybe it's not the time to Tweet photos of exactly where cops are …

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@iCombat_Stress A warrior that refuses to quit can not be defeated,fight the challenges of post traumatic stress,we are with you.God Bless.

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RT @suhanrzn: I'm trying not to let go of you

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RT @zapiro: Join Zapiro on Walkabout at AVA Gallery on 23/10 at 18:00. Not to be missed. Listen to anecdotes behind cartoons -…

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@kiss_me_cassie I don't think not specifically knowing the show would have affected the reading experience here.

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