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RT @NYTMinusContent: never occurred to me that there would be any reason not to read poetry with music

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Remember that Love is Heaven sent, it is pure, sacred & filled with joy, if it does not feel this way, then its not Love

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RT @JasoosKutty: We are a 5000-year old civilisation that is scared of kissing. Not flattering at all #KeralaKissDay #KissOfLove #KuttyScope

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@MrsBieberROOM94 @ChloeStyles10 @HollieeHoran @Pippa_mcfly I'm not totally sure though

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@abusidiqu @toyinfab @Emveepee1 d court isnt a father Xmas. APC shd have made that request, not me a nonpolitician. Pdp's request's in order

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#PPP is not #PMLN. It's mazdoor's pary, it's ghareeb's party, it's #Bhutto's party. #PTI's Larkana adventure will be #IK's political death

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