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Nancy Pelosi on twitter
RT @charliekirk11: Nancy Pelosi turns her back consistently on Benjamin Netanyahu. She is a disgrace.

Twitter: @mopar75028

RT @AmareshMisraFC: "Netanyahu's speech an insult to the intelligence of the United States": Nancy Pelosi @Mooraymag

Twitter: @psicosocialite

RT @JOEROWE409: Nancy Pelosi actually stood up in the congressional chamber and turned her back to the PM of Israel - Netanyahu. http://t.c…

Twitter: @granthamdor

RT @mboyle1: Nancy Pelosi was supposedly removed as Speaker by voters more than four yrs ago. Boehner today reinstated her as House Speaker

Twitter: @ErrolPhillips

@tparsi @nancypelosi I'm surprised that sophisticated members of #Congress didn't feel insulted like #Nancy Pelosi did.

Twitter: @farinpowell

RT @meowmeowtcot: Nancy Pelosi loves Israel so much she is going to give the madmen who vow to destroy them, nuclear weapons. #SpecialReport

Twitter: @GeneShands