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@ScottEnyeart Nate McMillan was cool. They had Jamal Crawford for a bit.

Twitter: @keithmeighan

All you wondering who Nate McMillan is right now.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Twitter: @TonySandoval14

Nate McMillan over Terry Stotts... Lol. Jk. 😂😂

Twitter: @TonySandoval14

@John_Soriano_ yea I mean I was a fan when Nate McMillan was coach & then I've tried to stay on and I like the team now, gone to some games

Twitter: @RaijaPapaya

@IanCornwell85 Sam Perkins Nate McMillan.. my team

Twitter: @36JIH36

@SherwoodStrauss if Portland steps back anymore, Nate McMillan is gonna magically reappear back on the bench.

Twitter: @YosemiteTAM