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Nate McMillan on twitter
I always end up with 2 lockers cause David Marling or Nate McMillan or other "M" last name locker neighbors end up dropping out.

Twitter: @Jeny_inabottle

Clippers to consider Nate McMillan as a coach - As the Clippers look for a... #AtlantaHawks #PortlandTrailBlazers

Twitter: @LasAngelesTimes

Nate McMillan has little trouble finding a head coaching job as he upgrades to the Clippers on a 5 year deal. #NLLOffseason

Twitter: @NLLDraftGurus

Ironically, the best coaching candidate left? Nate McMillan, who has refused to even consider speaking to Heat about being rehired

Twitter: @NLLAyorinde

Miami trying to rationalise the sacking of Nate McMillan, are you buying it? -

Twitter: @NLLDraftGurus

Nate racing (???) the #aus21 #americascup boat! Photo taken during a training session by Joe McMillan…

Twitter: @MelissaWBrown70