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@vxvid TiEl? Nate McMillan Xavier McDaniel Still, still won't give them Nathaniel Spoken to us by the prophet Daniel

Twitter: @PleaseRapAbout

Nate McMillan Gary Payton #bobblehead #sale #price $45 OBO plus shipping handling charge #Seattle…

Twitter: @mksinid

Clearly Nate Mcmillan would've been the better choice for the Sonic endorsement.

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@ObiWanSan I like Brian Shaw but I think he's Denver's coach now...I like Nate McMillan though

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RT @lil_sauph: @nate_petrov @tate_mcmillan that was slick😁😅

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@nate_petrov @tate_mcmillan that was slick😁😅

Twitter: @lil_sauph