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RT @manindar100yaho: At last minute, Pankaj Gupta changed AAP Rajasthan Representative to ensure YY/PB exit -

Twitter: @bhavikgandhi_bg

Voting manipulated.Pls read What @drrakeshparikh says along with @firstpost article. #ITrustYYPB #UnitedAAP #BroomWar

Twitter: @navneet_irma

So Kejriwal feigned sick & plotted the defenestration of YY and PB

Twitter: @G7Aryan

Future budget books a sea of red ink as life expectancy in the pink

Twitter: @PhillipCoorey Needs to be said.

Twitter: @hkirkman1

RT @Iam_Prerna: If its true God save AAP

Twitter: @sanjeev123gudia