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No comment | Key ramps up the politics on Kiwi detainees

Twitter: @ShakingStick

NZ 'can no longer stay silent' on Australian human rights abuses

Twitter: @ShamanARTNZ

RT @smh: Dual-national terrorists to lose citizenship as Abbott-era laws go ahead. | @davidwroe

Twitter: @Sam_J_Mullins

Those who advise BJPto delink electoral politics from policy making in national interest,are fools as DNA of BJP is bereft of national int.

Twitter: @VijayKumarBans5

NGO critisizes ahok for regulation restricting free speech #PemimpinProfesional #UrbanPlural

Twitter: @UrbanPlural

Guards 'regain control' at Christmas Island detention centre #auspol

Twitter: @minwguo