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RT @calestous: Obama: The only people with the right to object to immigration are Native Americans…

Twitter: @EricOuma

So tell me again about the plight of Native Americans? You can't oppose energy and then pocket a billion for what...

Twitter: @CJLEnterprize

@likor I think native Americans r the first peoples u Americans should celebrate their way it is their land

Twitter: @charchammy

“@charchammy: @likor maybe they r native Americans” still a reason for them to know about Christmas. Immigrants have an excuse tho.

Twitter: @likor

RT @saveantiquities: 'Native Americans try to block French auction of sacred artefacts.' #culturalHeritage http://t.…

Twitter: @custosrotulorum

Not gonna lie I love everything about the Native Americans culture makes me smile in the heart ❤

Twitter: @Moon_child888