Topic: New Christians
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New Christians on twitter
Am I the only one that's living Christians Perri's new album ????😍😍😍👌💯

Twitter: @nightingale1901

@CHRISTIANS_ODD oh yea the new ones are nice I just wish they were stick there paddles which is cool I guess Haha.

Twitter: @That_Boy_Leroy

@That_Boy_Leroy i heard they started selling them here and i think that's only for the new ones


#NowPlaying : Steve Brown - New Christians -

Twitter: @24HourPreaching

RT @fricknovelli: christians new icon im howelling hes so cute

Twitter: @defendpoppunk11

New Christians, if you've really had a change of heart, prove those people wrong. #redeemed

Twitter: @RandiDandee