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Shalom, Nazarenes (Christians) Rosh Chodesh Sameach! (Happy New Moon Day!) Observers in the land of Yisroel...

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New American Civic Religion Rejects Christianity - What it Means - RETWEET #Christians #TeaParty #TeaTeams #USA

Twitter: @bobfox321

New post: Dozens of Christians, Jews gather outside Tulsa mosque to show support for Muslims

Twitter: @WhosoeverWill1

RT @MaskedRobber: i need something new and exciting in my life

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We need help, I can't stress it enough! We NEED God, but we also need other Christians in our lives! Do not be afraid to start up new

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Pope Francis: 'Ideological Christians' Are a 'Serious Illness' The new pope continues to shake up the church.

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