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New American Civic Religion Rejects Christianity - What it Means - RETWEET #Christians #TeaParty #TeaTeams #USA

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Love being at home & more free time. Made breakfast, lunch & dinner. Packed Christians lunch for tomorrow. This new job as given me freedom!

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RT @whereEdat: @jspoupart They love to believe White American Christians invented everything New history books for all!! @0accountability …

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EXHusband posted this to his FB PAGE. New Hubby & I R CONSERV. CHRISTIANS! Questions why my 1st marriage didn't work?

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Surveillance Video Shows Canada Parliament Attack: Disturbing new surveillance video shows t... #news #christians

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NYPD Officers Recuperating after Hatchet Attack: Two New York City police officers are recov... #news #christians

Twitter: @PrayerMinistry

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