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Rudy's Bar & Grill on #Yelp: Rubber Chicken is making his rounds.

Twitter: @alzibluk

This after noon I wrote a new song as I haven't in a while ⬇️ Make me wanna die (original song) Toby Desperles-Abel

Twitter: @TDAbel

If you haven't listened to Steal My Girl by 1D go check it out, totally new sound! It's worth it!! Loving the new sound!

Twitter: @Alecia_RL

@MiddleAgedCred I haven't even upgraded to the new iOS yet!

Twitter: @AmbushPredator

RT @HOLLYWIRE: Guys, we have a problem. We still haven't stopped listening to @FifthHarmony's #Sledgehammer! Are you like us?!…

Twitter: @xxDjSky97xx

@daps1 @nclrmrz Haven't folks learned their lessons on design "contests" Oh and my vote goes Internet Explorer.

Twitter: @artofthecartoon

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