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"The utmost degree of deference and homage is paid to the Old Testament by the writers of the New....

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This winter is certainly a testament to why flat roofs in New England are not a good idea. #maine #NH #snow #roofcollapse

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c1852 Mrs Trimmer An Abridgement of the New Testament Religion Four Evangelists

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7 Takeaways from a New Testament Gathering of the Church- #Ekklesia #H2H #House #Simple #Organic Let's compare!

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@young_shabab oh i see so you dont think jesus said what the new testament says he is saying?

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@young_shabab the new testament has jesus words in red.only reading what jesus said would be cool since he is a prophet

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New Testament Books
Smoke and Mirrors
S. Jason Cunningham, $9.63
Blood and Glory
Steve Hawkins, $6.02