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“@JetsTalkLine: Injury Report: Geno Smith is questionable #jetsnation” Vick named starter & now Geno shoulder hurt 😂😂

Twitter: @clay10smiff

The New York Times: And Our Fiction Special Tonight Is ...

Twitter: @SP_Author #nohgaku #noh [New York Times]She wanders the lands searching for him, but the uncertainty has driven her mad. ...

Twitter: @nohgakunews_en

RT @ohteenquotes: Christmas in New York please ⛄️🎅🎄🎁

Twitter: @Isabellaaa_7

Apple Watch: What Rolex Dealers Say: New York City Jeweler TraxNYC knows how to market expensive watches with a lot…

Twitter: @ABElimited

“@djsnake: NEW YORK !!!! Not gonna lie, I'm pretty hyped about tonight… Set Time 12:15---1:15” ME too! Badass way to start off my bday wknd

Twitter: @Mbalousek24

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