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It's said that #sarcasm is the lowest form of #wit. To that I say "No, really? Hey, somebody give this person a #Nobel #peace #prize!"

Twitter: @MyWitsEndTweet

RT @catoletters: Insight on Bill Clinton. He wants Nobel Prize more than anything in World. Bill is willing and trying to buy Prize with Ga…

Twitter: @toptv005

RT @hidayat_khan26: Sardar Ali Takkar to perform at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony via @etribune @KhanBehroz @takkar…

Twitter: @KhanBehroz

Not that I'm tryna say I'm the good one among the bunch, but if any of us stood a chance of winning a Nobel Peace Prize..

Twitter: @theotisprice

Let's all take a moment to congratulate IDS on his work to cure Parkinson's and MS and his almost certain nobel prize. *applause*

Twitter: @mikegloady

RT @Novorossiyan: If #Ukraine reaches total of 2,000 civilians killed in the southeast will each & every Ukraine soldier be awarded a Nobel…

Twitter: @azarkinakat