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Nobel Prize on twitter
RT @noahWG: Nobel Prize winner Tom Sudhof (Stanford): “[The brain has] trillions of neurons & trillions upon trillions of synapses.”

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RT @agarwalrupesh2: @sgurumurthy Sir, please circulate this bitter truth to educate deshbakht Indians:

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RT @Augiedamous: After asking Islam undergo a reformation @Ayaan asks Nobel to grant #Netenyahu the peace prize for his war on Gaza

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He used the Nobel Peace Prize as toilet paper. What's funny is people still think he's "Muslim"

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RT @DJMany: Coffee Stout Is My New Favorite Drink. Someone Give The Inventor Of Coffee Stout A Nobel Peace Prize!

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@BarackObama Good morning, United States President Obama who is great great United States world peace Nobel Prize winner.