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Nobel Prize on twitter
@Nay_Fresh87 *applause* give that girl a cookie and a Nobel Peace Prize

Twitter: @KING_G_COLD

@Goat_Breath in the thank you speech we thank our characters Wins Nobel peace prize a week later

Twitter: @decapiteight

#StopTheGOP cuz the Nobel Peace Prize winner has waged war in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Uganda, & Somalia.

Twitter: @Major_Skidmark

'with two people, one is better looking than the other' Nice one Einstein, Nobel Prize on the way..

Twitter: @CaIIumx

If I could explain it to the average person, I wouldn't have been worth the Nobel Prize - Richard P. Feynman

Twitter: @ScienceQuotes2

@AgenerationXer listen to what aung san suu kyi says about religious tensions in burma (they would take back her peace nobel prize)

Twitter: @moscow_ghost