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Nobel Prize on twitter
RT @SandGripper: .@LilMsgss @chief1787 @katie_ingalls @Mythicmaster @htowngenie Bill Maher, Stiglitz Can't Figure Out What 87 x 5 Is http:…

Twitter: @katie_ingalls

@fussyvet And has Takeuchi's chance of a Nobel Prize gone forever?

Twitter: @MSalt69

RT @Dabdelhakiem: He deserves a Nobel prize

Twitter: @djdefox

@LilMsgss @chief1787 @Mythicmaster @htowngenie looked him up. Don't agree w/ all he believes. Even Obama got a Nobel prize so not impressed.

Twitter: @katie_ingalls

@Prankoholic logo me Monday k prati pyar jagaane k liye one day they will honour you with nobel prize. ;)

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@BarackObama Good morning, United States President Obama who is great great United States world peace Nobel Prize winner.