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@MonicaCrowley @SSReaney @David_Cameron Obama's foreign policy was shaped by the Nobel Peace Prize. After 8 yrs...'see I deserved the Prize'

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@GaGaforIsrael I'm a very proud Canadian. PM Harper deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Wow and Holy Crap; B’nai Brith CEO to nominate Harper for Nobel Peace Prize

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Invents lead lined unitard and cape with optional leather mask for Superman Wins Nobel Prize and AVN Award Drops mic, kills Batman

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RT @GaGaforIsrael: B’nai Brith Canada to nominate Canada’s PM Stephen Harper--a staunch Israel supporter--for the Nobel Peace prize. http:/…

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RT @calgarykiaguy: @tomflem Ontario & BC do not want Harper to win a Nobel Peace Prize @Pat…

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