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@swagmoneygfly in North Carolina.

Twitter: @GnarlyRaptor

RT @ryry_v: My man @bweiss_22 is a tarheel❤️ congrats on committing to North Carolina Bo Bo!! Keep working hard. Love you!! 🐑

Twitter: @BodratoJ

RT @HoranAlerts: #NEW #HQ | Niall on stage last night in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA) - September 27th, 2014 #2

Twitter: @elearce1

RT @ADammel11: Huge congratulations to @bweiss_22 for his commitment to North Carolina. You're gonna do big things buddy!

Twitter: @BodratoJ

RT @AP: BREAKING: Court blocks part of North Carolina voting law, says it may disenfranchise black voters.

Twitter: @reed_lawson

RT @evanmontreal09: Congratulations @bweiss_22 for committing to North Carolina! You're gonna do great!!

Twitter: @BodratoJ