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@AuroraNotify lights in North Pole very low and clouds moved in.

Twitter: @dotto770

RT @ErikGriffin: #NERDQUESTIONS If Superman gets his power from the sun, shouldn't his fortress be in Phoenix? What the hell is he doing a…

Twitter: @ProofThePoet

Royal Mail confirms Rochford centre will close in Jan RM says none of the employees will lose their jobs..North Pole?

Twitter: @saramo

How does Santa Claus take pictures? With his North Pole-aroid.

Twitter: @MelinaRivers59

State, North Pole refinery, reach agreement on cleanup of chemical spill on company property - - FAIRBANKS, ...

Twitter: @serproltd

RT @TRJustPassingBy: #CNN BREAKING NEWS: NORTH POLE REPORTING: Santa Clause signs contract with Blackwater Security for 2014 #Ferguson Chri…

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North Pole Books
The Secret
Rhonda Byrne, $0.90
The Polar Express
Chris Van Allsburg, $7.94
Skinny Bitch
Rory Freedman, $0.97