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Explosive Penguins (Beta 1.0): There is an over population of explosive penguins in the North Pole and it’s yo...

Twitter: @PlayFriv

RT @xTomBlythex: you know when your bed is so comfortable that getting out in to what feels like the North Pole is the last thing you want …

Twitter: @SuzanneWx

#jobs4u #jobs Wireless Retail Sales Associate, [North Pole, #AK] #sales

Twitter: @jobz4sales

Do you u live near santa ? — that would be the North Pole

Twitter: @wolfgillies

I have enough sweats now to give to Santa and his workers in the North Pole

Twitter: @shmopboiipham

RT @msuperfacts: The north pole of Uranus actually stays dark for 42 years at a time.

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