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If Nash doesn't show some love for me soon I'm moving to the North Pole

Twitter: @grierswaffle

@LoLNatsumiii But, isn't it like... Always winter in Canada? I thought it was like the North Pole Q_Q

Twitter: @xWishful

@ItsAvery jingle bells and O sales, straight outta the North Pole, Evergreen 2001,

Twitter: @ZayIntheLife

CANADA WHY ARE YOU SO HOT TODAY?!? Aren't we suppose to be the North Pole? What has life come to. I HAVENT EVEN SEEN A BEAVER THIS YEAR

Twitter: @jennaztbh

Saturn has a hexagonal cloud pattern over its north pole that, when viewed from space, makes th... | #interesting

Twitter: @rInteresting

RT @CormacRafferty: Whenever its freezing and I'm in my bed I pretend I'm in the North Pole on an adventure

Twitter: @DominicGiffen