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Notre Dame on twitter
if justin keeps walking like quasimodo from the hunchback of notre dame hes going to suffer when hes like 30 or smth

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RT @PBRWestVirginia: Congrats to SS @ChrisPetrucci (Notre Dame), #27 in WV Class of 2014, on announcing his commitment to play at Marietta …

Twitter: @pmarozzi

Notre Dame High School gets “Happy”

Twitter: @MarkKSimpson2

RT @KAMRON_2: Just talked to Notre Dame today all glory to god.

Twitter: @NDisKing

Have you noticed how fuckin ugly Lucic is? He looks like the fuckin hunchback of Notre Dame #GreaseBall

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@KnCHUCKYfrdchkn @BMCshalley Going to Notre Dame is no longer my goal

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