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Obama on twitter
RT @TomOrr777: Susan Rice lied. Hillary lied. Obama lied. It was never a 17 min video. And they knew it was a Terrorist attack. They are al…

Twitter: @tenaceus2k

#USAHeadlines Obama to Reassure NATO Baltic States

Twitter: @Seofortoppositi

RT @RealJamesWoods: Obama proves yet again that immigration is strictly a campaign tool for him like absolutely everything he does... http:…

Twitter: @rratkinson

RT @WHORlBLE: Obama you a savage bro @BarackObama @VictoriaJustice

Twitter: @heythere_shawty

RT @HaywoodStubble: Even if u think Obama is terrible, there are 535 people in DC who are doing NOTHING to stop him. Nothing.

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RT @DineshDSouza: I wonder if Obama is making it impossible for another black president to be elected in the foreseeable future

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