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Obama offers Modi a cool billion for #solar in #India #renewableenergy

Twitter: @cmarieboyd

@edshow I have a friend who has healthcare insurance for the first time in her life thanks to Obama csre

Twitter: @readforevermae

@NiallOfficial i thought it said obama.

Twitter: @jackjohnsuhn

💀Obama. Or is it obola? "Ebola won't come to America!" And: "if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor!" 💀PERIOD💀

Twitter: @lmLauraFlyMe

I spy @PumaNielsen1 ! RT @SInow: MLS champs @SportingKC met President Obama (via @AnAbnos)"

Twitter: @ChrisGeorgeKC

NYT: Say, Why Don't Republicans Want President Obama to be Killed?, by Charles C. W. Cooke

Twitter: @PatVPeters

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