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Obama on twitter
RT @nytimes: What you need to know about President Obama's immigration plan

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RT @LbrtyNow: Obama needs Schoolhouse Rock on his Teleprompter! #tcot #CashinIn

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Obama extends the Afghan war again: Anti-War - A new report coming out of the New York Times  reveals that Pre...

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@JonathanCohn Saw something Economist cartoon pulled bec was deemed anti-semitic. It indicated Obama was influenced by Israel on Iran negot

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#Presidential #Cruz - Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said Sunday that President Obama refuses to accept that only… #UnderTech

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RT @CarmineZozzora: @Umbaugh4Congres @peddoc63 @jjauthor @YoungBLKRepub It's not like Obama didn't know the damage it would cause... http:/…

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