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RT @QueenOfTheRasta: females need to leave olive oil edge control alone before they don't have any edges 😭 putting too much edges be snow w…

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RT @HeyyBeautyTips: Apply a small amount of olive oil on the acne scars and it will moisturize and heal the skin along with softening it.

Twitter: @Nuriya4N

Things the world could never have a surplus of: hot dough, good olive oil.

Twitter: @dialacina

Vegan Mashed Potatoes.... Use 3 tablespoons light flavored olive oil in place of vegan butter and a

Twitter: @NeuropathyDoc

#JESUS TOLD HIS DISCIPLES the sick shall be anointed with olive oil in the Name of the Lord and the prayer of faith CONT

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RT @DPetersSpello: Watching - Spello Olive Oil Festival @ValleSchut @LucianoAngelucc @olioterrerosse @fliss59 @JeffRBiggers #amwriting http…

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