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RT @Pepperthai2: @chrissyteigen Why?? I think all Olive oil are test the same.. :)

Twitter: @itskatiebrown

RT @chrissyteigen: In beautiful Tuscany for the week. Olive oil tasting tomorrow, then I learn to make pasta and pizza. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Twitter: @itskatiebrown

@Valleybb Mince-veg & olive oil by any chance??

Twitter: @craigykp

@Seattle_Lisa @NYDebBee not sure if it was the mushrooms or the butter made with olive oil and sea salt. Never had anything like that happen

Twitter: @2OHMYGATA

Homegrown red potatoes, green onion, & hot red cherry peppers, fried with olive oil, cilantro, black pepper, & Adobo.

Twitter: @RussellBal

RT @leigh1022: 8 reasons you should eat olive oil every day - Yahoo She Philippines…

Twitter: @pastamorefoods