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Once upon a time Oregon had basic home and away uniforms (photo of Onterrio Smith from 2001 Fiesta Bowl).

Twitter: @underwoodandco

All you guys mocking the Rockies spelling mistake are apparently unaware of their recent signing of Onterrio Smith.

Twitter: @SkitchP

@b1llmoo @chrishy @downtownronnieb @paulsalz @BrandonMc34 @TheRealScraps Is that Onterrio Smith?

Twitter: @TheKovach

LOL RT @jpg6573: The best Whizzinator (presented by Onterrio Smith) #NewEspyCategories

Twitter: @Whizzinator

@TheWeaselsFF @LateRoundQB 2012 Joique, Onterrio Smith role. Not a feature back, ~125 touches with Murray healthy, maybe ~150 if he's out.

Twitter: @LordReebs

@DiMurphyMN probably not funny but reference to Onterrio Smith and the whizzinator makes me laugh

Twitter: @LakeKoronisGirl

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