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Oprah Winfrey on twitter
RT @ShikkokuNoRenya: i'm the Oprah Winfrey of shitposting YOU get a shitpost and YOU get a shitpost EVERYONE GETS A SHITPOST

Twitter: @abunchoflions It's the end of an era.

Twitter: @fritz_melick

RT @eonline: Oprah Winfrey is leaving Chicago…and 200 employees behind. Here's why:

Twitter: @piffystar2

RT @ABC: Oprah says Harpo Studios in Chicago to close:

Twitter: @TheM3TASapian

Own: Oprah Winfrey Network Orders New Full Seasons (20+ Episodes Each) of All 4 Tyler Perry Series -

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Well, I guess that settles it. Oprah owns Dr. Phil. #WhoWearsThePants #WhosYourMommy Oprah Winfrey @oprah

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