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RT @_Motiv_: $11 for a 500ml bottle of orange juice?! It better be spiked and blessed with the fountain of youth!

Twitter: @_oddmentality

Dam I remember 4th grade In Orange the whole mcchesney block was in one class .. We use to be off it lol

Twitter: @Wad_of_This

@Tirrelous next time try the Cola Bottles or chocolate orange ones ^.^

Twitter: @Kyyanno

RT @ReggieMillerTNT: My niece Nikki Miller is missing. Anyone with info please contact the Orange County Sheriff Dept. at 714-647-7000. htt…

Twitter: @_keepitblvnt

vou assistir orange is the new black aaahha

Twitter: @priscilacii

@sheeshTiNKK no it's orange..

Twitter: @shesopaige