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In the last 2 weeks I have been in Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada. So... yeah. (I'm done I promise)

Twitter: @hellohanna

Oregon Fly Fishing... I am licensed in Arizona, Oregon, Washington and California.

Twitter: @loansinAZCAWAOR

RT @CannabisCarter: Oregon, Alaska, and Washington D.C. be like;

Twitter: @ReallyPoliteKid

Can somebody tell me if or when @MirandaSings and @ColleenB123 are coming to Seattle Washington or Oregon I wanna meet her so much!!! šŸ˜

Twitter: @MercierAshlyn

#WA #OR record highs temps yesterday and today. Who has early fire season predictions??

Twitter: @PatRickWildfire

I love Oregon so much. Ever better than Washington. I spent the first 7 year of my life here and they were the best years by far.

Twitter: @BusySucceeding