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@GDK_20 @Marcus_Mims212 fine jerry west and Scottie pippen and Oscar Robertson weren't guards and had more assists. #kobesucks

Twitter: @kartchykartch

reminder that russ averaged oscar robertson numbers in the playoffs

Twitter: @wildebeast913

Seriously though, Russ might go all Oscar Robertson and average a triple-double.

Twitter: @Matt_Baysinger

@DonnyBowen22 @the_sean_mullin so Oscar Robertson wasn't an elite player, according to that statement. I see

Twitter: @Andy_Shrews

@yes_mikeb yea but think of the top 10 for real tho. Bill Russell and oscar robertson and jerry west and kareem, wilt the stilt. Thats 5!

Twitter: @dommac25

@AChandler_19 nah Wilt Chamberlain or Oscar Robertson, hell even Bill Russell was better😂 he was just as clutch as they come. He rarely

Twitter: @grichar10