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Oscar Nominations on twitter
Force Majeure, Ida and Leviathan still in the running for Oscar Foreign Language Film nominations:

Twitter: @screenonscreen

RT @BatmanOfNight: Oscar Nominations and NO nods for Dark Knight Rises?? I DON'T CARE IF IT DOESN'T COME OUT FOR ANOTHER YEAR. I'll remembeā€¦

Twitter: @Becoming_Bryna

RT @CineScandinavia: Force Majeure has been shortlisted for the Oscar Foreign Film nominations!

Twitter: @nordfilm

IDA, FORCE MAJEURE & LEVIATHAN are now short-listed for Oscar nominations in addition to already being Golden...

Twitter: @SidGrauman

Die Hard got 4 Oscar nominations but none of them were for #Rickman

Twitter: @Seja75

If The Interview gets released after Christmas, it's going to miss out on all the Oscar nominations it could have gotten in 2015.

Twitter: @danco