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@mkatsujp segundo LP do Iron Maiden em 1982 Maiden In Japan vocal Paul Diano ,guitarra Drian Smith ,baixo Steve Harris ,bateria Clif Burr !!

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Paul Craft lived for 27826 days. Exactly as long as american rockabilly musician Ray Harris and publisher Cornelius Vanderbilt IV. RIP

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Photoset: nixxie-fic: New picture: Benedict Cumberbatch with Paul Harris - the Barber who shaved him in...

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Did Harper's "Rotary Foundation Polio Eradication Champion Award" cost more than Doug Ford's “Paul Harris Fellow Award"? #TOpoli #cdnpoli

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HAPPY CRIMSON TIDE BIRTHDAY! PAUL CHRISTOPHER HARRIS: DE/LB; 1973-1976; Toulminville High School, Mobile, AL...

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RT @castrolcricket: Team North Island's Daniel Harris is one of only five batsmen to score a T20 Champions Tournament century. Who are the…

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