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RT @indieswift13: if you've listened to the 1989 leak, i will unfollow and block you. i'm sorry, but i have no respect for people who betra…

Twitter: @AgentSwiftie

RT @WitchoThirstyAz: Black people needa chill 😂😭

Twitter: @DevonMines9

RT @queentesfaye: dance is everything to me. its something people know about me but have never seen. lol

Twitter: @2XO13

Im soooo amazed. Tap water is drinkable, food is nice, things are pretty well organized, and people are really warm and friendly!

Twitter: @Naru_loves_beer

RT @ThatKidCarlton: I can't wait until I'm old. People will mistake my pretentiousness for wisdom. It's going to be so live.

Twitter: @hello_sailor

RT @Ronnie_Blu_Hef: “@trvpicaI: i dont talk to as much people as i used to”

Twitter: @Balonty_