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RT @Verlieren: being over someone is going from being jealous of the new people they date to feeling legitimately sorry for them

Twitter: @TheApocanixs A History of the Japanese People - Dairoku Kikuchi | History | #History #free #ebook

Twitter: @smitharyy

I wonder how many pics I took with people last night🙇💭

Twitter: @DJ_Lukey_D

RT @MediaCellPPP: Former President @AAliZardari asks people to spare a thought for the #IDPs and victims of #Ghaza -…

Twitter: @faisalmirppp

The people I work with. >>> 😂😂😂

Twitter: @LovelyMissDietz

I don't understand why people make fan accounts for fan accounts #BestFandom2014 Directioners #MTVHottest One Direction

Twitter: @moonquakestyles