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The people on teen wolves lives are so interesting and dramatic I wish my life was that interesting ☺️

Twitter: @DylObrienIsBae

RT @DeasiaShakur: people forever in ya business, stay over there 👉👉👉👌💯

Twitter: @littletinyty

Girls are so two faced how can you be bestfriends with people you were bitching about last week

Twitter: @alyshale_567

Dont change so people will like you. Be yourself & the right people will love the real you.

Twitter: @MyQueenContessa

RT @KingMiller_: I believe in God, but I dont like church. I don't like people who use the bible as a weapon to hurt others. Thats not "lov…

Twitter: @NonchalantNegro

RT @EjmAlrai: IS kidnaps 70 people in north Iraq via @sharethis #Iraq #IS

Twitter: @kdungul