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RT @Ashton5SOS: My favourite recording in history. Helped me discover what I wanted to do in life... Rock out and entertain people! http://…

Twitter: @I_Heart_Narryy

RT @areisaryan: ALSO, certain compliments from certain people hold a different type of weight.

Twitter: @CherishKay_

"@TrueYellaChick_: I'm mad af people take my kindness for a weakness I'm too fucking nice to people who don't deserve it" RFT

Twitter: @nmutua__xx

RT @XSTROLOGY: #Aquarius are hot-hearted people who like doing things their OWN way.

Twitter: @__LiCee

RT @TheAnthonyRico: people shouldn't burp in public

Twitter: @LeeBPrice14

RT @ffsleonie: Why do people dislike Jake Bugg because of what he said about One Direction that's his opinion and how does that opinion aff…

Twitter: @isobelyl_